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Without content, there’s nothing for Google’s crawlers to pick up and index in search engines

The optimum is to first read the main content and then google front page the rest. Thus, keywords and optimization factors be identified first. That means to place them in your page titles headings with the text, and then all the rest.prefer such structures or themes to wordpress. Use clean code i'm not very skilled programmer, but not too to front page placement understand that you need your page contain pure code. Without excess things without errors and omissions. Once you make the proper corrections in the code, you will find places in search engine results for your page to improve automatically. I spent a long time in the shade, stone years google seo services trying to find a solution through thousands of mistakes and dismantling of the so-called guru of seo.

This will help to keep clean the code of your page and untouched by external intervention

The tool feeds the and then you can fix the help of a programmer. If you think this process is difficult, you can consult the experts. Do not complacent and do not expect from google or from someone else unrelated to our topic to correct you or even to identify the problem. Google will not deal with this the subject, it should do you. Importantly, if you are not using wordpress or some other management system content using css code during the construction of your page. This will help to keep clean the code of your page and untouched by external intervention. Tools and applications. Google keyword tool the google's keyword tool is a free tool and will give you rich data by google company. These data include monthly searches on words keys locally and internationally. Also, contains too many data on what is sought more today on the internet.

Make a similar survey for the keywords you wish select the google front page

It is worthwhile to try the google tool. It is very important to start with this tool and then make google seo services any other movement. Optimize your website: select a web page in wordpress already check in order to optimize. If you do not simply create one. Apply optimization within the page to influence the results of google start an seo campaign. Make a similar survey for the keywords you wish select the appropriate domain name that includes keywords within create appropriate for your page, title tag, description tag, keywords tag, and robots tag. The international fixed to the correct web code can be found on the world wide web consortium or wc. So to implement proper seo campaigns should your page comply with these standards. The certification process of your page code it is simple enough to use the certification tool of the code.

Check if the code of your page is valid use any graphic or image the alt tag (alternative text) format according to your content and keywords using giannis divramiss eo google first page headers, sold, italics and underline put the keywords in the twenty-first words of your page as well and the last twenty-five check the loading speed of your page with create a map of your website and submit it to the engines search.

Create the appropriate internal interface strategically place keywords within your page make a competitive analysis giannis divramiss eo google first page page optimization out (off-page optimization) summary: in the second lesson we focus on external seo factors influencing ranking of your page on google. We will speak words to optimize apart page. Off-page optimization techniques are powerful and will see how to improve the popularity of the page every day.

Post by marielladooley (2016-12-17 05:49)

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